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25 April 2024

Next-Generation Haptic Testing Solution Comes to IGATEX Pakistan for the First Time

Emtec Electronic, a German manufacturer of specialized testing and measurement solutions, will showcase its latest innovation in objective haptic measurement of textiles at the upcoming IGATEX exhibition in Lahore, Pakistan, from May 1 to 4, 2024.

Coming for the first time to Pakistan, the emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer introduces an innovative measuring principle that simulates the sensory capacities of the human hand, providing objective data on the intricate nuances of touch. Beyond assessing softness, smoothness, and stretch and recovery parameters within a mere two minutes, the device evaluates additional components of touch such as thermo-haptic, friction, and crumple or drape behavior.

The results offer unparalleled accuracy in discerning the tactile qualities of textiles, ensuring manufacturers can uphold the highest standards of quality and comfort. Comparative studies against traditional hand panel testing methods utilizing "touch experts" reveal a correlation of up to 100%.

A further highlight of the updated TSA device is its seamless integration with the cloud-based Virtual Haptic Library, a collaborative effort with Black Swan Textiles. This online database digitizes and categorizes TSA sample data, enabling authorized personnel worldwide to access the data in real time. This facilitates efficient quality assurance and control irrespective of geographical location, virtually eliminating the need to ship samples globally to verify haptic conformity and thus yielding a significant return on investment.

“We're thrilled to unveil our latest advancements at IGATEX Pakistan,” said Giselher Gruener, General Manager at emtec. “The redesigned TSA device, combined with the Virtual Haptic Library, marks a significant leap forward in haptic measurement technology, empowering manufacturers to make informed decisions and elevate product quality.”

Attendees of IGATEX Pakistan are invited to visit the AHS Textile (AHS) booth D01-D06 in Hall 3. Emtec's Giselher Gruener and Farhan Rasul from AHS will be on hand to demonstrate the TSA device and explain the advantages of leveraging objective data for haptic analysis.