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TSA - Tactile Sensation Analyzer

The new emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer not only features a high-quality design, but also convinces with extended possibilities for determining haptic comfort. Additionally, the device captures a high-resolution picture of the sample and can be connected to a Virtual Haptic database (cloud-based).

The TSA measuring instrument and measuring method are internationally patented and protected.

Product description

The new TSA measures - like its previous model - the softness, smoothness and flexibility of base and finished products objectively and reliably. Moreover, specific hand feel values (HF) can be calculated from these parameters using mathematical models.

A fundamentally improved capability of determining the sample's springback behavior has been added to the new device. Furthermore, the new TSA offers the possibility to measure two additional parameters: thermal haptics (surface thermal conductivity) and thermal insulation. A camera can take a high-resolution image of the clamped sample in order to give the user a visual impression of the material and to carry out further analyses.

All of this data is automatically digitized and can be processed and stored according to customer-specific requirements through a cloud-based haptic database, the Virtual Haptic Library (developed in cooperation with Black Swan Textiles, USA), making it available to authorized persons worldwide in real-time (quality assurance and control). Additionally, this Virtual Haptic Library enables a search for suitable fabrics worldwide, cataloged according to haptic properties.


Chemical suppliers
Paper machine builders
Nonwovens producers
Nonwovens converters
Textile producers
Textile converters
Machine builders for nonwovens
Printing machine builders
Universities & Institutes
Fiber manufacturers
Fashion labels

Application areas

Process optimization
Process control
Production control
Product optimization
Incoming control
Quality assurance
Complaint management
Marketing & Sales


Smoothness / Roughness


Flexibility / Stiffness

Hand Feel (depending on mathematical models)

Plasticity (characterizing the recovery behaviour)

Hysteresis (characterizing the recovery behaviour)

Recovery / Springback behaviour

Elasticity (depending on recovery properties)

Thermal haptics / Surface thermal conductivity

Thermal insulation

High-resolution image from the sample

Technical data

device dimensions

40,3 x 18,0 x 35,5 cm (H x W x D)

device weight

15 kg

power supply

100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

standard sample dimension

112,8 mm = 100 cm²


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