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DSS Module WSD 02 - Wet Stretch Dynamics Analyzer

The WSD02 Wet Stretch Dynamics Analyzer is a test device, which measures the wet expansion of paper under one-sided contact with water or other test liquids.


Product description

The devices measures the dynamic of the of the change in dimension (stretching/shrinking) of paper, board and other materials as soon as it comes to an one-sided contact with the test liquid. Especially interesting is the measurement of décor paper under one-sided liquid contact (e.g. water, melamine resin and others). In addition, the change of the dimension of gypsum board, coating base paper, newsprint or offset printing papers can be measured under one-sided contact with water or inkjet ink.

The WSD02 replaces the classic methods to measure wet stretch behavior, which function under two-sided contact of the test liquid.


The measuring area:

  • Wet expansion to a maximum of 27%, measuring duration unlimited
  • Recording the expansion from the moment of liquid contact and displaying the results from approx. 100 ms after initial contact


Chemical suppliers
Paper producers
Paper converters
Board producers
Board converters
Corrugated board producers

Application areas

Process optimization
Process control
Product optimization
Incoming control
Quality assurance


Expansion-time diagram

Expansion value at a free selectable time point

Technical data

device dimensions

30 x 28 x 32 cm (H x W x D)


8.5 kg

power supply

230V, 50Hz / 115V, 60Hz

sample dimension

min. 210mm x (60±0.5)mm