PDA.C 02 MSC - Module Standard Coating

With the emtec PDA.C02 Penetration Dynamics Analyzer and the Module Standard Coating (MSC), which has especially been designed for the use of coating color as test liquid, the interaction between coating color and base paper, the surface sizing and surface porosity as well as the coating quality can be determined.


measurement of the converting-relevant parameters surface sizing/surface hydrophobia and surface porosity
measured parameters help to optimize the converting process and the product quality, for example by adapting the converting process to the quality of the incoming paper or board
modular system (e.g., Module HVL for tests with high viscous liquids or the Module Standard for tests with low viscous liquids)
reliable and accurate test results, which help to solve issues in the converting process and with the product quality, where standard test devices are no help
Module Standard Coating allows measurements with coating color

Product description

The PDA.C 02 - Module MSC Standard Coating helps to detect changes in base papers, coating colors, and coated papers, which are not detected by standard test devices, but which can lead issues with the coating-ability during the converting process.

The contact between coating color and base coating paper happens under high shear and pressure pulse, leading to a good simulation of the coating machine applicator.

Pilot coater and machine trials indicate the effects of coating color and base paper variations. The PDA.C 02 provides a tool to explore the causes.


Chemical suppliers
Paper machine builders
Paper producers
Paper converters
Board producers
Board converters
Corrugated board producers
Universities & Institutes

Application areas

Process optimization
Product optimization
Incoming control
Quality assurance
Complaint management


Max value

surface sizing/hydrophobia 

t95 value

surface porosity

Technical data

device dimensions

basic device 42 x 16 x 32 cm (H x W x D)
Motor Control Unit 11 x 16 x 24 cm (H x W x D)


approx. 16 kg

sample dimension

75 x 50 mm

measuring frequencies

1 MHz, 2 MHz selectable

first measured value

approx. 10 ms after liquid contact

measurement intervals

approx. 1 ms

data structure

ASCII file

supply voltage

115-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz

emtec Electronic GmbH

Gorkistr. 31
04347 Leipzig


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