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20 March 2024

Emtec’s automated and digitized haptic measuring solution for textiles on-site at Expo Producción 2024 in Mexico City

From March 20-22, the 7th biennial Expo Producción event will take place in Mexico City, which highlights the latest products and innovations in the textile industry. For the first time emtec Electronic GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of specialized measuring and testing equipment, will be on-site to present the redesigned TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer.

Together with the new Mexican partner company Exametrik, the German-based emtec Electronic will showcase its enhanced TSA device, which accurately measures and digitizes the feel of textiles, including the softness, smoothness, flexibility, recovery behavior, friction, and thermo-haptics, taking production and quality control to new heights. This cutting-edge device allows manufacturers to put an objective number on how a fabric subjectively feels to the touch, providing a reliable haptic analysis of a material in less than two minutes. Comparisons of results with traditional hand panel testing methods using “touch experts” reveal a correlation of up to 100%.

The previous model, which is already well-known and established in the paper industry as the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer for about 15 years, has been enhanced specifically to meet the needs and desires of the textile industry. Improvements to the design and functionality allow textile manufacturers to more precisely determine the springback behavior of a sample, measure thermo-haptics, and capture optical traits such as weave and structure with the inclusion of an integrated camera.

The results can then be stored in a digital database, the Virtual Haptic Library, developed in cooperation with Black Swan Textiles. This cloud-based database allows for the automatic digitization and categorization of all sample data. It can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere in the world, enabling efficient quality assurance and control regardless of location. Additionally, the library acts as an online marketplace, making it easier for textile professionals to find, compare, and select fabrics with certain haptic requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative device, emtec Sales Area Manager Daniel Ohndorf along with Uriel Franco from partner company Exametrik, will greet you at Exametrik booth no. 1218 to answer questions, demonstrate the functions of the device, and explain the advantages in combination with the virtual database!