Approachable Innovations at the Zellcheming 2013

24 April 2013

ACA - Ash Content AnalyzerNow, the time has finally come! emtec Electronic GmbH was able to drive forth two new innovations in the last year which will be presented on the Zellcheming booth No. 212 in Wiesbaden, Germany. For the first time, emtec will reveal the ACA Ash Content Analyzer and FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online for visitors to look at, touch and test.

The ACA serves for the simple, precise and very fast determination of the total ash content and the individual filler components of paper and cardboard, and thus leads to an extreme increase in efficiency compared to the conventional ashing process. The FPO measures the surface charge of fibers in suspension directly in the production process and thus allows a permanent control of the effect of paper chemicals.

Furthermore, the EST12 Surface&Sizing Tester will be shown. With its determination of converting relevant surface parameters such as surface sizing and porosity of paper and cardboard, it enables accurate prediction of glueability, printability and coatability.

For the wet-end area of the production process emtec shows two proven laboratory measuring devices of AFG Analytic GmbH: The CAS Charge Analyzing System to measure the particle charge in fiber suspensions and the FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer to measure the Zeta potential of fibers in suspension.

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