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TSA - Tactile Sensation Analyzer

The emtec TSA measures softness, roughness and stiffness of textiles and nonwovens objectively and reliably. Together with the stiffness, the elasticity, plasticity and hysteresis, which determine the elongation as well as the recovery behavior of the material, are measured. By the help of mathematical models, so-called hand feel values can be calculated, which correlate very well with the human expectation.

The TSA measuring instrument and measuring method are internationally patented and protected.

Product description

The touch or comfort of a nonwoven or textile product becomes a more and more important quality parameter. Different expectations of different people, especially when they are coming from completely different parts in the world make it hard to create the right mix of soft and smooth and flexible or stiff. Additionally each type of nonwoven or textile product needs its own mix, a t-shirt needs to feel different compared to a pair of jeans, a wet wipe needs to feel different compared to a baby diaper. Humans can rank or rate different qualities of a nonwoven or textile product according to the overall haptic impression. But for a human it is hard to say, why one product is preferred over the other, is it because of a softer or smoother feel or is one a bit more flexible than the other one? Those questions cannot be answered by hand tests.

The emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer in comparison to this measures the three basic haptic parameters micro-surface variations (determine the feeling of softness), macro-surface variations (determine the feeling of smoothness) and the stiffness. Besides the three, plasticity and hysteresis, which determine the recovery, and the elasticity (elongation) are measured objectively and individually by the device. From all these parameters, a hand feel value (touch, comfort) can be calculated by algorithms. The algorithms need to be adapted to the market where the tested product is supposed to be sold and to its application. Hand feel values, calculated by adapted algorithms, often show a correlation of up to almost 100 percent to the human perception.    


Chemical suppliers
Nonwovens producers
Nonwovens converters
Textile producers
Textile converters
Machine builders for nonwovens
Printing machine builders
Machine builders for textile industry
Universities & Institutes
Fiber manufacturers
Fashion labels

Application areas

Process optimization
Product optimization
Incoming control
Quality assurance
Complaint management
Marketing & Sales







in-plane stiffness 







Technical data

device dimensions

44 x 19 x 47 cm (H x W x D)

device weight

19 kg

standard sample dimension

11.28 cm

power supply

115-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


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