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04 April 2024

Emtec's Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Papermaking to be Showcased at Pulp & Beyond 2024

German-based testing device manufacturer emtec Electronic GmbH will present progressive solutions for automation, waste reduction, and energy savings at the Pulp & Beyond, formerly known as PulPaper, from April 9-11 in Helsinki, Finland.

Accurate testing is crucial to ensure an efficient papermaking process and high product quality. To achieve these production goals in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner, manufacturers need reliable data on various factors such as fiber and particle charge in the wet-end, mineral filler content in the paper or the haptic properties of tissue paper. Emtec Electronic will showcase several products at the upcoming event in Helsinki to address these challenges: the ACA Ash Content Analyzer, CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System, FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer, and the redesigned TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer.

Acquiring accurate data regarding the cationic demand and zeta potential of the pulp in the wet-end of the papermaking process helps manufacturers to add the appropriate dosage of chemicals, resulting in a higher quality product and optimal process runnability while saving resources. The CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and the FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer can be used in tandem to determine the surface charge of particles and fibers. The small and lightweight devices are easy to transport in a carry-on suitcase, which is especially beneficial for technicians and chemical suppliers providing onsite measurements and troubleshooting in paper mills.

The ACA Ash Content Analyzer enables precise identification of total mineral filler content and a detailed percentage breakdown of the individual mineral fillers within a minute and without combustion. This allows paper and board manufacturers to improve process efficiency and reduce costs by optimizing filler consumption, resulting in a quick return on investment.

Tissue paper manufacturers and converters are able to achieve broke and cost reduction by using the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer. This device allows manufacturers to put an objective number on how tissue paper subjectively feels to the touch, providing a reliable haptic analysis of the material in about a minute. Now, in addition to measuring softness, smoothness, and flexibility (in-plane stiffness), the redesigned TSA features enhanced stretch and recovery data, the addition of parameters such as surface thermal conductivity and thermal insulation, and an integrated camera. With the introduction of the new TSA, emtec also unveils the Virtual Haptic Library. The cloud-based library processes and categorizes the TSA measuring data and enables the quality assurance worldwide and in real time. It also can be used as an online marketplace with search function.

Visitors to the Pulp & Beyond 2024 are invited to stop by booth A11 to speak with emtec Global Sales Manager Ulli Kasten or representative Jukka Loimaranta from partner company Pineco Trading Oy to learn more about the wide range of application possibilities for the emtec devices.