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16 October 2023

Process Automation and Digitization in the paper industry with innovative testing solutions from emtec Electronic

emtec Electronic GmbH, a leading manufacturer for specialized measuring and testing devices, is set to showcase innovative solutions at the upcoming ATIP/COPACEL Congress from November 23-24 in Paris, France, addressing prevalent challenges in the pulp and paper industry.

As an exhibitor at the ATIP Congress, emtec Electronic will spotlight its newest products designed to tackle industry-wide issues such as resource waste in the wet-end and the precise determination of advanced haptic parameters. Among the showcased solutions will be the redesigned TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer, which will be presented alongside other testing solutions at Booth 22.

First time the emtec FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer Online will be on site in Paris. It works fully automatic, performing sampling, measuring, and cleaning with a very low maintenance effort. It constantly provides relevant process data to the mill´s control system or a data cloud, accessible from anywhere globally. The FPO can be installed at various points in the paper machine, and is able to sample from two different points. It measures the fiber surface charge (zeta potential), streaming potential, conductivity, pH value, and temperature. Providing real-time data, it enables the industry to further digitize and automate the papermaking process and path to industry 4.0. Considering the importance of industry´s digitization and process automation, several European countries support and strengthen their economies through various funding programs.

One further innovation provided by emtec is the new designed and revised TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer, originally known as TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer, established in the meanwhile as industrial standard. Beside haptic parameters the new TSA now incorporating additional testing parameters such as surface thermal conductivity and thermal insulation, alongside high-resolution imaging. A noteworthy addition to the redesigned TSA – fitting the topic perfectly – is the introduction of a virtual haptic database, the Virtual Haptic Library, developed in collaboration with Black Swan Textiles. This cloud-based database digitizes, processes, and categorizes sample data according to specific haptic and optical traits. This not only facilitates real-time global quality assurance but also can serve as an online marketplace.

Attendees of the ATIP Congress are encouraged to visit emtec Electronic at Booth 22 and engage with Philipp Sievers (emtec) and Thierry Onder de Linden from French partnering company ODL Paper Service for more insights, discuss ideas and glance at the innovative solutions.