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06 September 2023

Integrate Paper Quality Control into Digital Systems

Alongside digital and partly fully automatic testing solutions for the accurate determination of zeta potential and cationic demand, the German manufacturer emtec Electronic presents the redesigned TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at Booth 161 from October 11-13 at the MIAC 2023 in Lucca, Italy. 

Equipment manufacturer emtec Electronic GmbH will participate as an exhibitor at the MIAC conference, presenting a range of solutions to common issues in the industry, such as resource waste in the wet-end, and the objective determination of advanced haptic parameters. 

emtec Electronic addresses each of these issues with the respective product solutions ACA Ash Content Analyzer, CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer, and the redesigned TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer. Incidentally, the TSA – originally known under the name TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer – has since established itself as an industrial standard and has been reviewed in the TAPPI TIP (Technical Information Paper) 0808-07 (2021). 

The TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer allows manufacturers to objectively measure the subjective traits that determine the way tissue paper feels to the touch, calculate specific hand-feel values, and reliably compare samples. Now, in addition to measuring the softness, smoothness, and flexibility (in-plane stiffness), the redesign features the additional testing parameters surface thermal conductivity and thermal insulation as well as a high-resolution picture. With the introduction of the new TSA, emtec also unveils the Virtual Haptic Library, a cloud-based database in which sample data is digitized, processed, and categorized according to specific haptic and optical 

traits (developed in cooperation with Black Swan Textiles). This enables the use of the database for quality assurance in real time all over the world and as an online marketplace, making it easier for papermaking professionals to find, compare, and reproduce samples with certain haptic requirements.

In addition, emtec will present the FPO Fiber Potential Analyzer Online, which provides the possibility to continuously and automatically control the fiber charge and zeta potential and digitally integrate the data to the process control system or any web server. The FPO is integrated directly to the production process in the wet-end, conducting an automatic measurement of the surface charge of fibers and making the test results instantly available. This enables a permanent and reliable process control and allows for a quick intervention if necessary, which in turn leads to significant material, time and energy savings.

Conference attendees are encouraged to stop by the emtec Electronic booth No. 161 to speak with Sales Area Manager Philipp Sievers (emtec), Antonio Trampler (emtec) or Riccardo Cossi from Italian partnering company Qi srl for more information, to ask for a demonstration, and exchange ideas.