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21 August 2023

emtec Electronic presents one-stop-shop for measuring textile haptics, thermics, and optics at AATCC Summit

One of the leading innovators for specialized testing and measuring equipment presents its latest invention at the AATCC Textile Discovery Summit 2023 from September 12-14 in Greenville, South Carolina.

Don’t let the small size fool you – the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer from emtec Electronic packs a punch when it comes to convenience. Weighing in at approximately 30 pounds, this easily portable haptic testing device has been recently redesigned to include extended measurement capabilities and a virtual online database to easily digitize, compare, and subsequently reproduce fabric samples from anywhere in the world. 

“We expect the TSA to satisfy the industry’s need to have accurate and reliable data on the parameters governing a fabric’s comfort factor and to integrate these parameters onto a digital platform,” explains emtec Founder and General Manager Giselher Gruener. 

Extended measurement capabilities and digitization service bundled into one device 

Much like its predecessor, the new TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer allows manufacturers to objectively measure the softness, smoothness, flexibility and deformation/recovery of samples. These subjective traits determine the way a material feels to the touch. The TSA then calculates specific hand-feel values based on the target market, and enables a reliable comparison of fabric samples. 

The redesigned TSA includes the ability to measure thermohaptics, shedding light on how warm or cool a fabric feels to the touch. In addition, a high-resolution camera captures an image of the sample, showing in detail the fabric structure, weave, as well as any visual embellishments. This allows for easy digitization and reproduction of optical properties. 

Analyze, digitize, categorize: Store sample data in an online database for easy sourcing 

Significantly, the TSA now features a cloud-based Virtual Haptic Library that allows for automatic digitization and categorization of all sample data. The license-based database digitizes, processess, and categories sample data according to specific haptic and optical traits. Developed in cooperation with Black Swan Textiles, the Virtual Haptic Library can be accessed in real-time by authorized personnel from anywhere in the world, enabling efficient quality assurance and control regardless of location. The Library can also be used as an online marketplace, making it easier for textile professionals to find, compare, and reproduce samples with certain haptic requirements.

The TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer will be available to order in 2024.