08 November 2022

Automate corrugated board processing with digital testing devices from Germany’s emtec Electronic GmbH

At the 29th technical meeting of the Corrugated Board Association (VDW) from November 14-15, 2022 in Seeheim, Germany, the company will be onsite to talk about its innovative product line designed to streamline the production of paper and corrugated cardboard. 

As skyrocketing raw material and energy prices continue to put massive pressure on the corrugated board industry, many manufacturers are searching for ways to streamline production processes. One solution has been to install cost-effective automated and digital solutions that cut down on material waste and save time. The automation and digitalization of corrugated cardboard production will be one of the central topics discussed at the 29th technical meeting of the German Corrugated Board Association (Verband der Wellpappen-Industrie e.V.) on November 14 & 15 in the Hessian city of Seeheim.

“In an environment where resources, and therefore costs, need to be saved without reducing quality, decisions shouldn’t be based on slow results and limited information,” says Alexander Grüner, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager for emtec Electronic. 

The German manufacturer of measuring and testing devices for the pulp, paper, and board industry will be on location to showcase instruments for the processing of paper and board. These include: 

The innovative ACA Ash Content Analyzer, which quickly and non-destructively measures the total mineral filler content and the percentage of the individual mineral fillers in paper and board. This allows mill technicians to pinpoint the specific components present and adapt the conversion process accordingly.

Compared with the traditional combustion method, which takes three to seven hours to provide generalized results, depending on the operator, the application of the ACA device saves enormously on time and energy costs by delivering highly precise information within seconds, regardless of the operator.

Furthermore, to produce quality cardboard and container board, mill technicians need to have detailed information about the converting-relevant properties surface sizing/hydrophobia and surface porosity/pore structure beforehand. This data helps predict how well glue, coating or ink adheres to the paper surface and the way each liquid reacts with the board. 

emtec has two digital solutions at hand: 

The EST emtec Surface & Sizing Tester, an easily portable device that measures the two converting-relevant parameters, surface sizing and surface porosity, that cannot be measured with standard test methods.
The PDA Penetration Dynamics Analyzer, which is similar to the EST device, but as a modular system, it offers the option of making measurements with highly viscous process liquids.

Participants in the VDW meeting in Seeheim can find out more by stopping by the emtec booth. No. 22 to chat with sales representatives Eric Haagen and Stefan Rübesam.

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