Quality Control on Demand: emtec Electronic presents Tissue Softness Analyzer at TAPPICon 2021

13 August 2021

With a live presentation of the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer, emtec Electronic shares an innovative technique for improving paper quality and simplifying the haptic testing process for tissue paper October 3-6th at the trade fair TAPPICon 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Leipzig, Germany, 10.08.2021 – Global consumption of tissue paper products is expected to grow at roughly 6.5 percent each year in the next five years to reach 52 million tons, according to market research provider RISI. Global production should reach levels of 44 million tons in this year alone — an increase of ten million tons compared to ten years ago.

To keep up with increasing demand, manufacturers are striving to leverage new manufacturing technology to improve the design and quality of tissue products, which will allow them to cut costs, save resources, and stay competitive. The international trade convention for the pulp and paper industries, TAPPICon 2021, brings together industry experts, researchers, and company representatives to explore this topic and present new technologies and methods from October 3-6th in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the companies presenting at the event this year will be emtec Electronic, a developer and manufacturer of specialized testing and measuring devices for paper, tissue, and board, as well as textiles and nonwovens. The German company focuses on developing technical solutions to common problems in paper manufacturing, such as measuring penetration dynamics, predicting gluability and printability, analyzing the zeta potential and charge demand, and determining mineral and pigment content, and objectively measuring the haptics of tissue paper products.

“The way a consumer experiences the feel of tissue paper is an important factor when making purchasing decisions,” says Alexander Gruener, emtec Global Marketing and Business Development Manager. “How soft, smooth, or rough the paper are often key traits in making a particular brand stand out from the rest. With the Tissue Softness Analyzer (TSA), manufacturers can objectively and reliably put a number on the hand feel of their products that correlates very well with the results from hand panel tests.”

In comparison to traditional hand panel tests, which can be time-consuming, using the TSA saves time and the results are more consistently reproducible, Gruener adds. Emtec will present the device in more detail onstage on October 6th at the TAPPICon event.

More information about the event, including the opportunity to register to attend can be found here

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