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21 July 2020

The best practice for process and product optimization

emtec Electronic’s measuring devices presented by Jiu Mao Trading Company Limited at the CINTE techtextil in Shanghai, China.

Between September 02nd and 04th, the CINTE techtextil, opens its doors in Shanghai, China. Our partner Jiu Mao Trading Company Limited will be on site to present emtec Electronic’s TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer.

The human feeling is a complex process realized by four different receptors inside the human skin. These receptors are responsible to feel the three basic haptic parameters softness (micro-surface variations), roughness (macro-surface variations) and in-plane stiffness. In the brain all three are combined to an overall impression of the haptic quality (hand feel or touch).TSA

The emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer is a testing device that measures these parameters objectively and independently. By special mathematical models, a hand feel value can be calculated, adapted to a certain market and product. Furthermore, the elongation and recovery characteristics can be measured with the device. The availability of the single parameters is helpful in the R&D, process optimization and trouble shooting, the calculated hand feel value is useful in the incoming control and quality assurance.

At this year’s CINTE techtextil China, emtec Electronic´s partner Jiu Mao Trading Company Limited will present the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at their booth in the German Pavilion (Hall N1). Interested visitors are invited to bring their own samples for live testing.

Max Liu, General Manager of Jiu Mao Trading Company and his colleagues are looking forward to showcase the emtec innovation at the trade fair and to introduce the features and handling: “The emtec TSA is part of a major technological advance that we have seen in recent years. This innovation was simply not there before. Nowadays, it opens up new possibilities for reliable and fast controls for our customers. The quality of emtec products speaks for itself and naturally appeals to many visitors at conferences and trade fairs.”, Mr. Liu explains.