Why could we designate the EST as a "dynamic short-time Cobb

18 May 2008

The EST is finally an easy-to-use mini-tester that enables an assessment in particular of the surface characteristics of paper/board by simple, precise and efficient measurement of:

  • surface sizing
  • the starch content at the surface
  • internal sizing

This enables predictions of:

  • printability
  • glueability
  • coating base paper quality

Naturally you can also perform long-time measurementsover 30 sec. or 60 sec. as with the classical Cobb tester.

Although this measuring technique is altogether different from thetraditional Cobb tester, there is a good correlation.The device automatically calculates the quality characteristicsby means of an internal microcomputer and displays them on aLCD display. With the optionally available PC software, theEST achieves almost the efficiency of the PDA.C 02(= "Mini-PDA"). As an additional asset, all of the measuring data may be saved.This means that there is also the possibility of having the personal computercalculate other quality parameters.

Besides, the system enables analyses of the quality of any paper/board, even of coatedpaper/board in contact with various testing liquids very simply, quickly and precisely.You can even build up your owndatabases with the automatically calculated quality characteristics.With curve tolerance ranges, you canrepresent the quality of a product in the same fashion toa fingerprint.

The stored measuring data is compatible with every othertype of Emtec PDA.C 02 software (except PEA).

When water is used as a test liquid, there are correlations to other measuring techniquessuch as the Contact angle measurement or the Bristow wheel tester.

Using the internal computer, this device calculates fourcharacteristic values:




W: primarily characterizesporosity and surface roughness
t95, MAX: characterizes the surfacesizing/hydrophobicity or the starch content at the surface
A(t): characterizes the water absorption at a selectable time point t and correlates to the respective Cobb values.



Because of its portability and low weight, the EST is a useful tool for applicationengineers during chemical trials.







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