ACA - Ash Content Analyzer

With a completely new and innovative measuring principle, the emtec ACA Ash Content Analyzer measures the total filler content and the individual fillers, which are typically used in the paper industry, of paper and board. Compared to the traditional combustion method, the ACA measures non-destructive and provides the results in less than a minute.


non- destructive measurement without combustion
quantitative determination of individual fillers
availability of the results within seconds (approx. 45 sec.)
high accuracy of measurements
easy handling (self-explanatory operation)
results independent of operator
easy portable (in a trolley)
savings in time and energy (compared to combustion)
optimal process control due to instant availability of measuring results
efficient calibration of online ash sensors (especially in case of frequent grade changes)

Product description

With the combustion method according to ISO 2144, DIN 54370, TAPPI T 413 and 211, which is traditionally applied in the paper industry, the total content and a few selected individual fillers can only be determined through an extremely time- and energy-consuming and in routine operation relatively inaccurate combustion of the samples at different temperatures (+/- 5%, operator dependent!). The combustion method is also disadvantageous due to its destructive measuring procedure.

By the use of the emtec ACA Ash Content Analyzer with its new and innovative measuring principle the total ash content (fillers and pigments), but also the percentage content of the typical fillers in the paper industry can be determined within seconds without combustion of the samples, i.e., non-destructive.

The quick measuring procedure leads to an almost instant availability of measuring results and therefore allows for an indeed immediate reaction to changes in the process:

  • Immense material savings can be achieved through the reduction of process fluctuations.
  • The consumption of fillers can be reduced, as the immediate availability of results and the high accuracy of the ACA enables the narrowing down of the specifications for the filler content in the finished product, resulting in a much more efficiently organized process optimization (e.g. retention optimization).
  • Costs for energy of the combustion process can be saved. Thus, the use of the new measuring device guarantees a fast "return on investment" by a substantial reduction of costs in material, time, and energy


Chemical suppliers
Paper producers
Paper converters
Board producers
Corrugated board producers
Pulp producers
Universities & Institutes
Producers of pigments

Application areas

Process optimization
Product optimization
Incoming control
Quality assurance
Complaint management


% value

Total filler content

Individual fillers (%)

Calcium carbonate, Titan dioxide, Kaolin, Talcum, Barium sulfate

Technical data

device dimensions (H x W x D)

approx. 43.1 x 32.1 x 26.1 cm (folded)
approx. 43.1 x 32.1 x 38.3 cm (unfolded)


approx. 14 kg

measuring principle

X-ray fluorescence analysis

radiation source

X-ray tube (gold, 10 kV, 5 μA)

accuracy of measurement

approx. ≤ ±1-2 % (abs.)

measurement time

approx. 45 sec

grammage max.

1000 g/m2

power supply

100 - 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)


emtec Electronic GmbH

Gorkistr. 31
04347 Leipzig


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