WSD 02 - Wet Stretch Dynamics Analyzer

Determining the Dynamics of Wet Expansion of Paper by means of one-sided Liquid Contact with Adjustable Tension

Now with integrated measuring of the humidity (paper and environment), better sample mounting

  • Measurement of the dynamics of the change in dimension of paper by means of one-sided contact with water based liquids under adjustable tension
  • Main applications:
    • Decor paper in contact with:
      • Water
      • Melamine Resin
      • Gravure ink
    • Gypsum board, coating base paper, newsprint paper, offset printing paper, label paper, ink jet-paper, liner board etc. in contact with:
      • Water
      • Fountain solution
      • Ink jet-ink
  • Main user:
    • Paper producer
    • Chemical Supplier
    • Converter of Paper
  • Replacing classical wet expansion methods with two-sided liquid contact
  • Measuring range
    • Wet expansion to a maximum of 27%, measuring duration unlimited
    • Recording the expansion from the moment of liquid contact, displaying the results from approx. 100 ms after initial contact
  • Measuring result
    • Expansion-time diagram
    • Expansion value at a free selectable time point


  • Fast contacting of the paper and liquid, important especially for high absorbent paper
  • Real trial conditions by adjustable tightness
  • Objective measuring method, free of subjective errors
  • High reproducibility of the results: ±0.05% of result
  • Accuracy better than ± 0,1% abs. ± 5% of the analytical value in the area of 0 to 3% stretching
  • Resolution approx. ± 0,013%
  • Easy handling
  • Integrated measurement of paper moistness and humidity, ambient temperature


  • Convenient user interface for measurements
  • Easy to handle in quality assurance

Technical data

  • Sample dimension: min. 210mm x (60±0.5)mm
  • Dimension: 300 x 280 x 320mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz / 115V, 60Hz

Example: Wet stretch dynamics of two label papers – contrary behavior at 10s and 60s!


Download this file (emtec_WSD02 leaflet_en.pdf)WSD Leaflet[English]292 kB
Download this file (emtec_WSD02 leaflet_ru.pdf)WSD Leaflet[Russian]345 kB