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20 March 2024

With sustainability and transparency in mind: emtec Electronic presents objective haptic measuring device at Performance Days in Munich, Germany

Leipzig-based manufacturer emtec Electronic GmbH, an established innovator in specialized testing and measurement solutions, will be on-site from March 20-21st at Performance Days in Munich, Germany, with its latest innovative and time-saving device for objectively evaluating the hand-feel and comfort of textile and nonwoven materials.

The TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer from emtec Electronic is a state-of-the-art device that allows manufacturers to objectively measure the haptic parameters softness, smoothness, as well as deformation and recovery characteristics of fabrics in only a minute, thus decreasing environmental and economic costs. Additionally, an integrated camera takes a high-resolution picture of the sample, which together with the test data, can be automatically digitized and stored in a cloud-based haptic database, the Virtual Haptic Library. This data is then available to authorized persons worldwide in real-time, allowing for increased quality assurance and transparency.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Alexander Gruener, Global Business Development Manager for emtec Electronic, expressed excitement about the potential impact of the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer on the textile industry: “With our device, the industry can work more sustainably throughout the complete production chain, helping to manufacture products which are within the quality specifications, and providing an objective language which can be used to set clear targets for the different haptic properties of a fabric, avoiding misunderstandings and waste.”

Emtec invites industry professionals, including textile manufacturers, vendors, and purchasers, fashion labels, retailers, and chemical suppliers, to visit booth no. TH01 to experience firsthand the capabilities of the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer. Emtec Global Business Development Manager Alexander Gruener will be onsite to answer any questions, demonstrate the innovative device's functions, and explain the advantages of combining it with the virtual database!