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26 January 2023

Dynamic testing and measuring solutions for pulp, paper, and board come to ExpoAcotepac 2023

The largest convention for the pulp and paper industry in Central and South America, the International Congress and ExpoAcotepac 2023, will take place in Cali, Colombia from February 8-10, 2023. IDM Test will be onsite to present innovative testing devices for quality control and product optimization at the event, including the emtec Electronic product line.  

Accurate data regarding the cationic demand and zeta potential of fibers in the wet end of papermaking leads to a smoother running process and higher product quality. With this end in mind, emtec Electronic GmbH developed the partner instruments CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer to specifically measure both parameters. Data from the dynamic duo allows technicians to easily determine the correct dosage of chemicals to add to achieve desired product properties and reduce resource waste. In addition, the devices’ small size and light weight make it easy to transport in a carry-on suitcase, which is especially beneficial for technicians providing on-the-go measurements and troubleshooting.

Instruments such as these from emtec Electronic will be among those presented by IDM Test at booth No. 20  in the Hotel Dann Carlton Cali, where the ExpoAcotepac is set to take place. In addition to the CAS and FPA, the emtec EST Surface and Sizing Tester and the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer will be on display at the event. The EST was specifically designed to resolve issues with gluing, coating, and printing that can arise during conversion. The TSA provides objective and reliable data on the haptic parameters softness, smoothness, and stiffness. 

Visitors to the ExpoAcotepac are encouraged to stop by the IDM Test Booth and chat with Sales Area Manager from IDM Test Patxi Arizmendi or emtec Sales Area Managers Daniel Ohndorf and Philipp Sievers for more information about the measuring principles and application examples of the devices.