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30 October 2019

Objective measurement of softness – now even possible with hand sheets

Emtec Electronic at Tissue World Sao Paulo, Brazil

Leipzig, Germany 06.09.2019 – With the emtec TSA Softness Analyzer, the objective measurement of the three basic parameters that determine the human feeling is already possible and the method is well accepted in the industry. At the Tissue World Sao Paulo, Brazil, from October 22th to 24th, the company will present its well-known softness testing instrument and some very helpful upgrade possibilities on the device at booth no G13.

The human feeling is a very complex process and realized by four different receptors in the human skin. This makes it difficult to measure for an objective testing device. The hand feel, which is the perceived feeling by a human when touching a piece of tissue is determined by three basic parameters, the softness (micro-surface variations), the roughness (macro-surface variations) and the in-plane stiffness. With the emtec TSA it is possible to measure these parameters objective and independently. From the three measured values, a hand feel value can be calculated, which correlates very well with the human expectation. The measuring results of the device allow an efficient process control and process optimization, QA, incoming control, R&D, trouble shooting and so on.

Besids the TSA, interested visitors can have a look at the CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System and FPA touch! Fiber Pozential Analyzer, two devices, which measure the particle charge and the surface charge of fibers. The easy handling, light weight and small size makes them to an ideal partner especially for chemical suppliers. 

Together with our Brazilian partners from Elof Hansson, area manager Daniel Ohndorf will be at the booth to discuss the devices and to introduce very exciting TSA news. Special changes at the device and in the measuring method allow to measure the influence of different fiber mixes (long/short fiber ratio for example) to the tissue softness by testing hand sheets. Especially tissue makers, chemical suppliers and pulp producers should be interested.

Visitors are welcome to bring samples to the booth for quick tests, which can give a first impression of the possibilities of the device.