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29 October 2019

Emtec TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer – new features of a well-known device

Emtec Electronic at TissueCon 2019, Orlando / Florida

Leipzig, Germany 06.09.2019 – With the emtec TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer, the objective measurement of the three basic parameters that determine the human feeling is already possible. At the TissueCon Orlando, USA, from October 1st to 4th, the company will present its well-known softness testing instrument together with new features to the tissue industry.

The human feeling is a very complex process. Different receptors in the human skin are responsible to feel the components that determine the human feeling. The three basic parameters are the softness, roughness and stiffness of a tissue products. The measuring principle of the emtec TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer simulates the human hand very well, with the big advantage that not only the overall human feeling can be quantified, the device additionally provides information about the three basic parameters, which are measured individually. The availability of these objectively measured parameters and the calculated hand feel value (HF) help pulp producers, chemical suppliers, tissue producers and converters, but also retailers as well as institutes and universities to get very deep insights of the tested tissue products. The measured data can be used in the R&D, incoming control, quality assurance, trouble shooting and process as well as product optimization.

Also introduced during the show is a new feature of the device – the possibility to predict the influence of different fiber mixes (e.g. long and short fiber ratio) to the tissue quality by measuring hand sheets.

Alexander Gruener, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager of emtec, will be at the booth and is happy to explain and discuss the device and all possibilities that come with it. Since the device will actually be at the booth, interested customers can even bring samples to the booth for testing. Additionally, there will be two presentations about the TSA.