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28 October 2019

Emtec test devices allow a detailed evaluation of paper and board characteristics

Emtec Electronic at MIAC 2019 in Lucca, Italy

Leipzig, Germany 06.09.2019 – From October 09th to 11th, the German developer and producer of innovative testing equipment, emtec Electronic GmbH, will present a variety of its test instruments. The application of this equipment enables an efficient process and process control from the wet end to the finished product and helps to achieve the best possible quality with the lowest possible cost.

The state-of-the-art charge measuring systems for the wet end in paper and board production are the CAS touch! and the FPA touch! (small, light and easy to handle).

The use of both instruments in the production process helps to optimize the consumption of chemicals, to stabilize the process, to improve the product quality and to reduce costs.IMG 1373

Besides this, the emtec ACA Ash Content Analyzer aims to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional combustion method. The innovative lab instrument replaces combustion with x-ray technology, enabling the non-destructive measurement of individual mineral fillers in paper and board. Time consuming test procedures are no longer necessary and the data are available quickly. In comparison to the combustion method, not only the total ash content can be measured. With the ACA it is possible to measure the content of the individual fillers and pigments with an accuracy of up 0.1 – 0.3% (abs.)

In addition to the three devices mentioned above, further products, e.g. the emtec TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer can be seen and discussed at our booth. Very interesting is a new developed test method, which allows the measurement of hand sheets with the device.

For more information, please visit our booth (booth no. 171), where you can meet our area manager for the region, Philipp Sievers.


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