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15 April 2015

emtec Electronic at the Tissue World in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This year the first Tissue World exhibition will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the company emtec Electronic will attend this event from May 20th until 22nd at booth no. 383. The company will present their technical measurement equipment to South and Latin American visitors together with their representative Elof Hansson Ltda. in Brazil.

emtecTW SaoPaulo2015

The TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer is one of the innovative testing instruments which will be presented in Sao Paulo during these three days of exhibition. The device is used for the objective and reliable measurement of tissue “handfeel” properties such as the real softness, smoothness/roughness and stiffness. The availability of these three parameters opens a huge amount of chances for the optimization of the tissue production and converting processes.

Additionally, emtec Electronic will present their measuring devices for the wet end area: the CAS Charge Analyzing System for determining the particle charge of filtrates, the FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer for measuring the Zeta Potential of fibers in the pulp, and the DFA Dynamic Filtration Analyzer for simulating the drainage and retention processes of the pulp during the production.

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