When Standard Methods like Cobb or Bendtsen come to their Limit

13 April 2015

emtec Electronic and their EST12 - Surface & Sizing Tester at PaperCon 2015

This year emtec Electronic will be present at the PaperCon 2015 Exhbition and Conference with their EST12 – Surface & Sizing Tester. The company itself will have a presentation on Tuesday, 21st April at 1:14 pm. Additionally, the company Technidyne Corporation – the representative in the USA – will be present from 19th to 22nd April in Hall 2 at their booth no. 325.

The Cobb or Bendtsen tests are used to get an information about the sizing and the pore structure of paper, especially to check the quality and the processability of the paper in the converting. But it happens, that the results are the same, but one paper works and the other does not. How and why this happens will be explained by Alexander Gruener during his presentation "emtec EST12 – Surface & Sizing Tester. Where standard methods like Cobb or Bendtsen come to their limit." He also will explain in detail the function of the emtec device EST12 and how it makes it possible to predict reliably the behavior of paper surfaces during converting processes like glueing, coating and printing by giving more detailed information about the surface sizing respectively hydrophoby, and the surface pore structure of paper and board.

With the application of the special testing equipment from emtec Electronic it is possible to control and guide the production and converting process into the right direction, in order to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible cost.


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