How does PDA.C 02 with Module Coating function?

18 May 2008

The base paper sample is fixed on a sample holder with two-sided tape. A special cuvette with the coating color is placed into the measuring cell where ultrasonic sensors are mounted on opposite sides for recording the process of penetration.

This cuvette contains a shearing gap where the sample holder is "shot in" with the paper sample at a high speed. This produces dynamic contacting under impulse-shaped pressure and shearing load that produces an excellent simulation of the conditions on the applicator of coating machines (roller coating, jet-applicator).

measuring principle

Immediately after reaching the end position of the sample in the shearing gap, the transmitter transmits high-frequency ultrasonic signals through the measuring sample to the receiver and the change in intensity is recorded. This time-dependent change in intensity contains essential informations on the interaction between the coating color and the coating base paper in the interesting surface area from the contact moment.

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