What are the benefits of using the PDA.C 02 system?

18 May 2008

The "PDA.C 02 PenetrationDynamicsAnalyzer" represents a new generation of measuring devices for paper.

From the beginning, we have never intended to develop this equipment as a means for improving on well-known classical measuring techniques. Rather, we wanted to transform physical principles previously unused in this field into new measuring devices. Using a new type of sensor, we were successful at recording the interaction of liquid to paper that is meaningful for investigating important paper parameters and for a number of processes from the moment of liquid contact for an optional period of time. By selectively choosing the testing liquid and varying the conditions of contact (pressure, shearing, temperature) and also by partially simulating the industrial processes in the PDA.C 02, it is possible to draw conclusions on the essential paper characteristics during subsequent converting stages (printing, gluing, coating, impregnating) from this change in signals with a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy. For the first time, the PDA.C 02 system makes it possible to simulate large-scale technical processes so that it is possible to optimise and develop products in the laboratory in a much more meaningful fashion than with classical devices. This achieves both a noticeable increase in efficiency and a significant savings of cost, time and material by reducing the number of tests in production machines.

The previous drawbacks of this measurement has been overcome. Previously, technologists had no scientific theory and no experience with application. Meanwhile, years of joint research work at Emtec together with well-known institutes and scientists from innovative companies have now solved this problem. The benefit is that evaluating the readings enables new quality standards in R & D, cost reductions by saving materials and avoiding rejects, and an improvement of quality assurance using the presently accessible experience. Today it is possible to precisely record characteristics and processes that were not accessible before. Many of the largest paper manufacturers, suppliers and converting companies in the world are successfully using our measuring system.

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