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26 January 2015

emtec Electronic with a Workshop at the PaperWeek Canada 2015

emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the Canadian „PaperWeek / PAPTAC 2015“ in Montréal. From February 02nd until 05th, emtec Electronic will be present at the exhibition at booth no. 03 together with Technidyne Corporation Canada. Beside the participation at the exhibition, emtec Electronic will give several presentations and demonstrations in a workshop.

emtec devices PaperWeek2015

On Monday, the 02nd February, Mr. Stefan Rübesam will talk about the EST12 Surface & Sizing Tester, which gives reliable and objective information about the surface sizing respectively hydrophoby and the surface pore structure to predict the behavior of paper and board during glueing, printing and coating processes. In comparison, he will explain when standard methods, like the Cobb or Bendtsen/Sheffield-Test come to their limit.

Additionally on Monday, Stefan Rübesam from emtec will show how to use the measurement equipment for the wet end area to gain an optimal and efficient process control: the CAS Charge Analyzing System for determining the particle charge of filtrates and the FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer for measuring the Zeta Potential of fibers. Furthermore, emtec Electronic developed a new Online measuring device FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly during the production process and delivers immediately reliable and necessary information concerning the dosing of chemicals to the pulp.

The TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer is one of the technical equipment, which will be presented in Montréal this time. This device is used for the objective and reliable measurement of tissue properties as softness, smoothness respectively roughness and stiffness. Furthermore, these three parameters can be combined to the overall handfeel value. How the device is used for an efficient process optimization and an objective quality control will be explained by Mr. Alexander Grüner on Wednesday, 04th February.

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