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FPO - Fiber Potential Analyzer online

The FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online is an innovative measuring device for the fully automatic and accurate determination of the Zeta Potential of fibers and fillers in the paper and board production process.

Product description

Until now, the zeta potential of fibers and fillers was determined by the help of lab devices (FPA/FPA touch! Fiber Potential Analyzer). Because of the time difference between sample taking and availability of the test results, a reaction to changes in the process is only possible with delay. Besides this, there is not enough time for a permanent process control, with the FPA/FPA touch!.

The new emtec FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer online uses the established measuring principle of the lab device FPA/FPA touch! and provides accurate results fast and reliable. This allows an immediate change of process settings in case it becomes necessary, which at the end helps to save money, time and material.


Chemical suppliers
Paper machine builders
Paper producers
Board producers
Corrugated board producers
Universities & Institutes

Application areas

Process optimization
Production control
Quality assurance
Complaint management


Zeta potential (mV) 

Conductivity (mS/cm)

Streaming potential (mV)

Technical data

device dimensions

60 x 175 x 41 cm (W x H x D)

device weight

approx. 160 kg

power supply

100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

maintenance interval

6 months recommended

rinsing water supply

at least 2 bar at least 5 bar for optional cleaning

compresses air

at least 6 bar


approx. 3-5 %


approx. 100.000 measurements (at least 3 years)

measurement interval

adjustable, depending on the cleaning effort max. 6 per hour (3 per channel)