TSA - Tissue Softness Analyzer

Multifunctional Measuring Instrument to assess the Softness, Smoothness/Roughness, Stiffness, Elasticity as well as the calculated "handfeel-value", and the Compressibility of Tissue and Fabrics as well as the Ball Burst Strength


  • Area of Use:
    • process optimization
    • production control
    • product optimization
    • comparison of products / benchmarking
    • R&D
    • selection/incoming control of pulp/fibers (hand sheet measurement)
  • Main Application:
    • base tissue
    • toilet tissue
    • fabrics
    • textiles
    • tissue handkerchiefs
    • facial tissue
    • non-woven
    • tissue towels
    • tissue kitchen towels
    • leather
  • Main User:
    • Manufacturers of Tissue and Fabrics
    • Chemical Suppliers
    • Converters of Tissue and Fabrics
    • Machine builder
  • Substitution of the subjective quality assessment by an objective measuring method


The softness is a fundamental quality parameter of tissue and fabrics (nonwoven and textiles). It may be characterized by e.g. smoothness, stiffness, compressibility and “crumpleability“.
There are other instruments on the market which are measuring all those single parameters. The results may be linked by complex functions and summarized to one value, which characterizes the subjectively felt softness in a more or less reliable way. However, previous method of evaluating softness is very expensive and not suitable for quality assurance.
The new Tissue Softness Analyzer TSA simultaneously gathers the essential single relevant parameters which have an influence on the tissue softness. Additionally it is possible to measure the compressibility and ball burst strength. Parameters for that values as well as a combination parameter HF, that represent the overall subjective haptic feeling of a material, will be automatically calculated by a high-performance PC software.
The correlation of the measuring results to the subjective assessment is excellent.


TSA scale
  • Application Area
    • tissue paper,
    • fabrics,
    • leather,
    • non-woven
  • Functions
    • Softness
    • Stiffness/Elasticity
    • Smoothness/Roughness
    • Compressibility
    • Ball Burst Strength according to DIN EN ISO 12625-9
  • Advantages
    • menu-driven measurement
    • integrated measurement of ambient temperature and humidity
    • easy handling
    • robust construction
    • objective measuring method, free from subjective influences
    • high reproducibility of the results
  • Software EMS
    • very user-friendly and easy to operate
    • easy handling in quality assurance
  • Technical data
    • sample dimension: 112,8 mm diameter
    • dimension of device: 440x190x470xmm (H x W x D)
    • weight: 19 kg
    • power supply: 115-230VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Accessories
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