Support & Repairs

Your Emtec unit is broken or malfunctioning?

Our well educated and experienced service team ensures professional repair.

In order to help you in a fast, easy and convenient way, please open a new support ticket at our Support HelpDesk.
Please send all device-specific data and a short but precise description of the issue. Our service technician will get in contact with you very shortly in order to find a solution for the problem.

All repairs may be complemented by a calibration.

Seminars & Training

If desired Emtec provides in-house and on-site trainings and user seminars. These can be individually adapted according to your needs and requirements.

For more information, please contact our sales team.

Maintenance & Calibration

All measuring system produced and sold by Emtec are high precise instruments that require certain maintenance and care in order to achieve most accurate measuring results.

Thus we recommend have each unit serviced/calibrated at least once a year.conducted by our service technicians or an authorized service partner.
This will make sure the unit is function properly and avoids possible failures or damages.

In case of interest, please turn to our service team or your local Emtec agent for further information.


Emtec is able to conduct measurements in your order. The measurements will be done by properly trained Emtec personnel in well equipped laboratories. After the measurements you will be provided with all the data including an extensive report.

For more information, please contact our sales team.

Anna Fiebiger

Service Coordinator
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