PDA.C 02 HVL - Module High Viscous Liquid

Investigation of the surface quality of paper/board and of liquid properties by gathering the wetting and penetration in particular of high viscous and contaminating liquids

hvl.png Ultrasonic Tester for the Determination of Paper/Board and Liquid Properties via the Wetting and Absorption Behavior specific of high viscous liquids, as for example adhesives, printing ink, coating colors
  • Main application: prediction of converting properties
    • printability
      • Offset: strike-in of fountain solutions, oils or inks
      • Gravure: missing dots potential in LWC papers
      • Flexo: wetting and penetration behavior of flexo inks
      • Ink jet: wetting and penetration behavior of ink jet inks
    • glueability
      • Surface sizing, surface porosity
      • Film generation of dispersion adhesives
    • Dynamic Water Retention of coating colors
  • Advantages:
    • No cleaning effort after measurement
    • Small amount of testing liquid required: 3.5 ml
  • Main user:
    • Chemical suppliers (adhesives, printing ink)
    • Producers of paper/board
Measuring Principle  
Measuring Principle

The test liquid is applied on the horizontal area of a measuring cell, which includes the ultrasound transmitter, possibly together with a protection foil. The paper sample is applied by means of double-sided adhesive tape at the measuring head, which contains the ultrasound receiver.
For a measurement the measuring head is lowered together with the paper sample until it is contacted with the test liquid.

  • Features
    • No need for cleaning after measurement
    • Only 3.5 ml of testing liquid required
    • Testing liquids: adhesives, printing ink, ink jet ink, oil, fountain solution, water, coating color
    • No liquid penetration into the cut edges of samples
    • Process simulation: pressure impulse at the moment of liquid contact
    • Test results:
      • Intensity-Time-Diagram
      • automatic calculated quality indices
    • Measuring range:
      • grammages up to approx. 600 g/m²
      • liquid viscosities up to 150.000 mPa.s
    • Testing at ambient temperature
    • Automatic self-test prior to each measurement
    • User-friendly high-performance software
    • A single mouse click exports the analytical data to EXCEL
    • Easy to operate
diagram Absorption of adhesive with board:
Glueing result with adhesive A inadequate because of the too high dewatering of the glue. Formation of a barrier layer with adhesive B, good gluing result.
  • Technical Data
    • Measuring frequency: 1MHz
    • Data structure: ASCII
    • Sensor diameter: 35mm
    • Dimensions:
      • Basic Device HxWxD 440x160x300mm
      • MCU HxBxT 150 x 150 x 250mm
    • Weight: approx. 19kg
    • Operating voltage: 115V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz
    • PC software: all common operating systems
    • volume of testing liquids: 3,5ml
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