New and objective measuring technique to analyse softness

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At the Edana Nonwoven Symposium INS 2015, a German developer and producer of paper testing technology presented a new method for process optimisation, quality assurance and R&D in nonwoven production and converting.

Publication in "avr - Allgemeiner Vliesstoff-Report" Issue 05-2015 on pages 99-101

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The company´s so-called TSA (Tissue Softness Analyser) is a well proven device for the tissue industry and might now conquer the nonwoven business as well. TSA was introduced and invented by Dipl.-Phys. Giselher Gruener in 2006 as a completely new measuring method which simulates human touch to a great extent during testing of a sample by hand.

Download this file (Allgemeiner_Vliesstoff-Report_05.2015_TSA-Nonwoven_page99-101.pdf)New and objective measuring technique to analyse softness[English & German]3760 kB

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