Evaluation of fillers and fines in paper and board within seconds: non-destructive, accurate and reliable

El Papel Magazine Issue 04.-06.2020This article was published in Spanish language in the El Papel Magazine, Issue April, May, June 2020 beginning on page 22


With the emtec ACA Ash Content Analyzer, a new way to measure the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage content of the individual filler components of paper and board, is finally introduced to the pulp and paper industry worldwide.

With the Ash Content Analyzer (ACA), emtec Electronic aims to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional combustion method. The innovative lab instrument replaces combustion with x-ray technology, enabling the non-destructive measurement of individual mineral fillers in paper and board shown as combined or separate results. Time consuming test procedures are no longer necessary, because the data are available for e.g. process optimization in less than one minute.

Common practice in pulp, paper and board industry

In the pulp, paper and board industry, mineral fillers and fines are used to influence the characteristics of the paper, either internally or on the surface. Typical fillers are for example calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, talcum and barium white. If recycled pulp is used in the production, an additional element of uncertainty are the fines and fillers, which are already included in the recycled material. To optimize the necessary additional amount of fillers and fines used in the production, the existing amount of fillers and fines within the waste paper needs to be known. If fillers and fines can be added optimally, the quality of the finished product increases.

Corona-Update: Situation at emtec Electronic in Germany

As you may know, nearly all trade shows, conferences and meetings scheduled for the March-May time period are being re-scheduled, postponed or in some cases cancelled. Additionally, a lot of governments enacted travel restrictions for travelers, tourists and their own nations – the same for the Germans.Website Ulli Sales

These restrictions prohibit to visit our customers and friends for personal appointments, what has an influence on our kind of work. As internationally active company we are now mainly working in the emtec office or stay in home office. But we urgently want to let you know: we are here for you!

If you have planned to meet us at one of the exhibitions or needed to cancel our personal appointment, nevertheless, you have the possibility to ask your questions, to solve some of your issues, to discuss your ideas or to have some samples measured. If you want to contact us, please find the right person of contact here by following the respective link: emtec in-house or our external representatives in your country.

Website Anna Inhouse ServiceIf you needed to cancel the emtec maintenance appointment due to current travel restrictions and company or country specifications, or you had to stop the production and converting as well as laboratory activities and your emtec device has got nothing to do at the moment:

It is possible to send the respective devices to us for an inhouse-maintenance, after which we will send the maintained and updated devices back to your site! You are interested? Please contact our Service Team, they will be happy to support you!

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Objective, reliable and accurate analysis and observation of the paper and board production and converting

Emtec test equipment enables a very exact evaluation of the relevant paper and board properties

Elof Hansson and emtec Electronic at ACOTEPAC 2020 in Cali, Colombia

From February 12th to 14th emtec presents its innovative measuring instruments for the pulp, paper and board industry at the ACOTEPAC conference (booth no. 56). The use of these devices enables a more efficient and reliable process and quality control from the wet end to the finished product and helps to achieve the best possible quality at the lowest possible costs.FPA touchCAS touch Website

At the ACOTEPAC interested visitors can take a look at the Charge Analyzing System CAS touch! and the Fiber Potential Analyzer FPA touch!, two devices, which measure the particle charge and the surface charge of fibers. The easy handling, light weight and small size makes them an ideal partner. What the FPA touch! achieves with high accuracy in the laboratory, its “big brother”, the Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online FPO achieves directly in the production process, to which it is directly connected. Up to four fully automatic measurements per hour are possible. The results can be provided online, but can also be transferred to the computer system of the mill. The permanent control allows an immediate reaction, in case it becomes necessary.

Together with our Colombian partner Alberto Marin, from Elof Hansson, our area manager, Daniel Ohndorf, will attend the conference of the Colombian papermakers once again in 2020. Besides the wet-end test devices CAS touch! and FPA touch!, the EST12 emtec Surface & Sizing Tester will be presented at the booth. By the help of the device, the surface sizing or more general the surface hydrophobia and the surface pore structure of paper and board can be evaluated. Both parameters have a big influence to the converting relevant quality characteristics printability, coatability and gluability.

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