Innovative Softness Measurement on Innovative Virtual Trade Show

Emtec Electronic and its first virtual booth at Fibre2Fashion Apparel & Textiles Virtual Trade Expo & Sourcing Show from 01st August until 31st October will stage the emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer, that is able to measure haptic properties of fabrics – objective, reliable and easy.

A lot of national and international exhibitions and trade shows have been postponed or cancelled during the last and for the next months, the reason why more and more Virtual Trade Shows appear on the scene. The German company emtec Electronic GmbH will participate the first time at such an Online Show: the primary Fibre2Fashion Apparel & Textiles Virtual Trade Expo & Sourcing Show with a duration of three months: from 01st August to 31st October 2020.73

Visitors can register for free and visit emtec Electronic at the booth no. 24 in the machinery hall. The company showcases their emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer, that is able to measure haptic properties of fabrics as real softness, smoothness/structure, stiffness, compressibility, “crumple-ability”, the deformation and recovery.

If visitors are attracted by the innovative testing device, they have the chance to chat with a sales person directly at the virtual booth or send an email to the respective person. They can ask their questions, discuss business opportunities and make appointments for a personal or virtual demonstration of the emtec TSA regarding the individual company or product related possibilities the application of the emtec TSA offers.

“This is an interesting opportunity for us and we are curious, if this kind of exhibition will be as successful as the real exhibitions with face-to-face communication in one time zone. We are happy about this chance and look forward to make the best out of it.”, says Alexander Grüner, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager as well as Sales Area Manager at emtec Electronic GmbH.

The best practice for process and product optimization

emtec Electronic’s measuring devices presented by Jiu Mao Trading Company Limited at the CINTE techtextil in Shanghai, China.

Between September 02nd and 04th, the CINTE techtextil, opens its doors in Shanghai, China. Our partner Jiu Mao Trading Company Limited will be on site to present emtec Electronic’s TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer.

The human feeling is a complex process realized by four different receptors inside the human skin. These receptors are responsible to feel the three basic haptic parameters softness (micro-surface variations), roughness (macro-surface variations) and in-plane stiffness. In the brain all three are combined to an overall impression of the haptic quality (hand feel or touch).TSA

The emtec TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer is a testing device that measures these parameters objectively and independently. By special mathematical models, a hand feel value can be calculated, adapted to a certain market and product. Furthermore, the elongation and recovery characteristics can be measured with the device. The availability of the single parameters is helpful in the R&D, process optimization and trouble shooting, the calculated hand feel value is useful in the incoming control and quality assurance.

At this year’s CINTE techtextil China, emtec Electronic´s partner Jiu Mao Trading Company Limited will present the TSA Tactile Sensation Analyzer at their booth in the German Pavilion (Hall N1). Interested visitors are invited to bring their own samples for live testing.

Max Liu, General Manager of Jiu Mao Trading Company and his colleagues are looking forward to showcase the emtec innovation at the trade fair and to introduce the features and handling: “The emtec TSA is part of a major technological advance that we have seen in recent years. This innovation was simply not there before. Nowadays, it opens up new possibilities for reliable and fast controls for our customers. The quality of emtec products speaks for itself and naturally appeals to many visitors at conferences and trade fairs.”, Mr. Liu explains.

Evaluation of fillers and fines in paper and board within seconds: non-destructive, accurate and reliable

El Papel Magazine Issue 04.-06.2020This article was published in Spanish language in the El Papel Magazine, Issue April, May, June 2020 beginning on page 22


With the emtec ACA Ash Content Analyzer, a new way to measure the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage content of the individual filler components of paper and board, is finally introduced to the pulp and paper industry worldwide.

With the Ash Content Analyzer (ACA), emtec Electronic aims to overcome the disadvantages of the traditional combustion method. The innovative lab instrument replaces combustion with x-ray technology, enabling the non-destructive measurement of individual mineral fillers in paper and board shown as combined or separate results. Time consuming test procedures are no longer necessary, because the data are available for e.g. process optimization in less than one minute.

Common practice in pulp, paper and board industry

In the pulp, paper and board industry, mineral fillers and fines are used to influence the characteristics of the paper, either internally or on the surface. Typical fillers are for example calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, talcum and barium white. If recycled pulp is used in the production, an additional element of uncertainty are the fines and fillers, which are already included in the recycled material. To optimize the necessary additional amount of fillers and fines used in the production, the existing amount of fillers and fines within the waste paper needs to be known. If fillers and fines can be added optimally, the quality of the finished product increases.

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