emtec Workshop at Politechnika University in Lodz

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On Thursday, 08 January 2015, will be an emtec day in Poland, Lodz. During the Workshop at the Politechnika university different topics will be presented and discussed by several experts. Especially the CAS - Charge Analyzing System, the FPA - Fiber Potential Analyzer and also the FPO - Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online will be presented regarding the process optimization and control in the wet end area of paper production. But also the PDA - Penetration Dynamics Analyzer and the TSA - Tissue Softness Analyzer for base and finished products will be shown. Everybody, who has interest in the workshop, is invited to attend. Please find more information in the attached pdf-file or on the website of the Politechnika university.

Download this file (Emtec_Day_2015-01-08.pdf)emtec day in Lodz, Poland[English]35 kB

Tags: CAS TSA FPA PDA FPO Online Zeta Potential Suspension particle charge fiber surface charge surface sizing hydrophoby surface porosity Zeta Potential glueability printability coatability

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