Emtec Electronic measures the Softness of Wipes in Atlanta

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From June 25th to 27th the WoW World of Wipes 2019 takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and the German company emtec Electronic will attend. At booth no. 409, the company will present its popular TSA Softness Analyzer, together with its American representative Technidyne Corporation.

At the beginning of this year, emtec Electronic celebrated a great success: the 300th TSA Softness Analyzer has been sold. The device is now used in 48 countries, in each part of the world. Beside the tissue and textile industry, also the nonwovens sector enjoys the advantages that accrued by the application of the softness measurement device.73

The TSA Softness Analyzer enables an objective and reliable evaluation of the softness, roughness and stiffness of wipes and other nonwovens. From these three parameters, an overall hand feel value can be calculated, adapted to a certain market and product. This hand feel value can be used in the quality control, for example. The advantage of the three single parameters appears in a huge amount of chances in the optimization of the production and converting processes, and in the development of new products with certain haptic properties.

Included into the softness measurement is the measurement of the viscoelastic, elastic and plastic properties, which are represented by the elasticity, plasticity and hysteresis. With an extra module, the compressibility can be measured.

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