emtec electronic GmbH was founded

on .

G. Grüner left the partnership and established the company Emtec Electronic GmbH Leipzig with the participation of Mütek Analytic GmbH Herrsching. The original R&D team with their ample expierence were involved from the beginning. Linking up with Mütek enabled them to access Mütek's worldwide sales and distribution network. This meant that the Emtec workforce for the major part was able to concentrate on R&D tasks from the start. The systems available today are the outcome of 12 years development and application work in close coorporation with customers. The systems are meeting with a great deal of recognition around the world. Among technicians today, Emtec is recognized as one of the most innovative "think tanks" as far as the development of paper test devices is concerned. Besides, the company is a scientific partner of renowned institutes and companies.

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