DCS - Deposit Control System

Measuring instrument to determine the thickness and pace of growth of deposits in water circuits

    developed in cooperation with

  • Measurement of the thickness and pace of growth of bio fouling and organic deposits in containers and piping of
    • paper machines,
    • power plants,
    • food production machines and
    • water circuits
  • Main Application:
    • optimization of the biocide dosing and process stabilization
  • Area of Use:
    • paper machine loops
    • cooling water circuits
  • Main User:
    • paper manufactures
    • chemical suppliers
  • Substitution of the visual assessment by an objective measuring method
  • Available as bypass-system and online-device
  • Immediate accessibility of the results
 Features: Developed in cooperation with Ashland
DCS Deposit Control System Problems caused by deposits in piping and containers are well known and they may lead to impaired quality, reduced runnability and increased costs.
Deposits are substances which stick to surfaces, generate agglomerates and therewith congest filters, felts and nozzles which lead to trouble in the production process.
Whether or not deposits are generated depends on the method of white water treatment as well as on the successful use of a deposit controlling concept.
The measurement of the thickness and pace of growth of those deposits at certain points in the paper machine is an important requirement to enable an optimal reaction.
With the Deposit Control System DCS a new, modern and very reliable tool is available in order to help optimizing the conduction of the process. A fast return on investment is ensured.
  • Measuring range
    • shower water,
    • white water
  • Installation
    • bypass to piping and containers and online-device to install in walls of containers and piping
  • Measuring results
    • pace of growth
    • film thickness
    • film density
  • Advantages
    • sensor surface: stainless steel
    • portable
    • robust construction
    • data storage via SD-card
    • results shown via display and interface to process control system

DCS online: deposit monitoring in a shower water container

DCS online

  • Technical data
    • Measuring results stored in device (data transmission to PC)
    • Data transmission via 4-20mA or 0-20mA standard
    • Dimensions: 1000 x 400 x 400 mm (H x W x D)
    • Weight: approx 25 kg (sensor, electronics, container)
    • Power supply: 24V DC / 230V, 50Hz / 115V, 60Hz, 100VAC - 240VAC 50-60Hz
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