CDA02/CDM02/CCM - Coating Color Dearation and Mixing System

Laboratory system for the measurement of the air content, for air entrainmentfree dispersion and mixing as well as for subsequent deaeration of coating colors

  • Measurement of the air content of coating color
  • Deaeration of coating color
  • Defined preparation of coating colors for all laboratory investigations:
    • PDA.C measurements
    • Low and high shear viscometry
  • Preparation of coating colors for the investigation of the influence of the smallest variations of additives and other coating color components on parameters like
    • viscosity,
    • dewatering behavior,
    • filter cake formation,
    • interaction of coating color to coating base paper
  • Main user:
    • Producer of paper/board,
    • chemical supplier in R&D,
    • QA,
    • troubleshooting
  • CCM:
    • dispersion and mixing coating color with a special mixing assembly (based upon the rotor-stator principle) and an extremely large adjustable range of speeds (approximately 600 min-1 to approx. 8,000 min-1 under load).


  • CDA 02:
    • coating color specific from the coating machine can be subsequently deaerated by means of vacuum technology.


  • CDM 02:
    • combination of CDA 02 and CCM


  • Results
    • a coating color defined with reference to energy input, structure formation and air content
  • Quantity of Coating approximately 0.5 to 1.5 l, optional up to 20l
  • Specialties
    • practice-related preparation based upon the rotor-stator principle of the dispersion and mixing tool (CCM)
    • as an additional function: measuring the air content of coating colors is possible in a very simple fashion
  • Benefit of CDM 02
    • saves a great deal of time because the subsequent deaeration of the coating color is no longer necessary because of the improved dispersion and mixing
  • Technical Data
    • Weight: approximately 20 kg (CDM 02)
    • Required space: approximately 1.0 m x 0.8 m laboratory working table
    • Quantity of liquid: max. 1.5 l
    • Supply voltage: 230V, 50Hz / or 115V, 60Hz
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