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  • Untersuchung von:
    • Eigenschaft: particle charge in the fiber
  • Vorteile:
    • Vorteil: smaller and significantly lighter than comparable devices
    • Vorteil: comfortable transport (carry-on-luggage size)
    • Vorteil: state-of-the-art touch screen (including display of the results and curves)
    • Vorteil: external keyboard connectable (via USB or wireless)
    • Vorteil: ready to use without assembling of any further components
    • Vorteil: compact and robust construction
    • Vorteil: can be used as stand-alone device or in connection with a PC
    • Vorteil: adaptation to customer specific needs is possible (e.g. manual vs. automatic titration, titration procedures)
  • Produktbeschreibung:

    Using standard techniques of titration, the CAS touch! determines cationic/anionic and acid/base demands of aqueous charge systems. Modern electronic components enable the high accuracy of measurement. Both, Streaming Potential (mV) and pH can be measured simultaneously, making it possible to easily determine isoelectric and flocculation points of a sample and examine the correlation between pH, titrant demand and streaming potential.

    Customer’s choice:

    The CAS touch! uses integrated high precision titrators, optionally with 1 or 2 titration systems (CAS-I touch! or CAS-II touch!), while also a version for use with external or hand titration is available to the customer (CAS-E touch!).

    Measurement / Result evaluation:

    The CAS touch! can be operated via Touch Screen, which displays the data including titration curves, optionally in combination with an external keyboard. Moreover, there is no need to adjust to a new software, as the device can also be used with the common easy-to-handle CAS PC software. The efficient testing procedures implemented in extremely user-friendly PC software make it very easy to handle. Different titration procedures are available: fixed increment titration, dynamic titration and back-titration are selectable from given procedures or are freely configurable. Default standard titration procedures and customer-specific processes can be stored in the CAS touch! via the PC software or Touch Screen. Data can be stored internally as well as externally on an USB flash drive, analyzed with PC software and exported to Excel (only two mouse clicks).

    Transport / Assembly:

    The low weight device can easily be transported in a carry-on size case, which is especially important for chemical suppliers for customer visits. After unpacking the device and connecting it to the mains voltage, the CAS touch! is ready for starting the measurement! There is no complicated assembly and no tubes are needed.

  • Anwender: Chemical suppliers, Paper machine builders, Paper producers , Board producers , Corrugated board producers , Tissue producers, Pulp producers, Universities & Institutes
  • Ergebnisse:
    • Wert:

      Streaming potential (mV)

    • Wert:

       pH value

    • Wert:

       cationic/anionic demand (ml)

    • Wert:

      particle charge (mV)  

  • Anwendungsgebiete: Process optimization, Process control, Product optimization, R&D, Complaint management, Troubleshooting
  • technische Daten:
    • Titel: device dimensions, Wert: 17 x 28.5 x 17 cm (W x H x D)
    • Titel: device weight , Wert: approx 3.30 - 4.25 kg (depending on model)
    • Titel: min. sample volume, Wert: 10 ml
    • Titel: maximum conductivity of the sample, Wert: 11 mS/cm (selective sample preparation can be measured for samples with significantly higher conductivity)
    • Titel: dosing system, Wert: selectable final criteria: - pH: 0-14 - mV: -5000 to +5000 - 0-25 ml anionic/cationic demand - 0-25 ml acid/basic demand
  • Downloads:
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (English), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/AFG_CAS_touch_leaflet_en.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (French), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_fr.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Spanish), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_es.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Italian), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_it.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Turkish), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_tr.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Swedish), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_se.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Japanese), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_jp.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Chinese), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_zh.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Russian), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_ru.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Leaflet (Polish), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/01_Leaflet/01_Standard/emtec_CAS_touch_leaflet_pl.pdf
    • Beschriftung : Booklet (English), Link: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/02_Booklet/Application_booklet_CAS_touch_and_FPA_touch_en.pdf
  • Applikationsbeispiele inaktiv: Nein
  • Applikationsbeispiele: CAS touch! (cationic demand) and FPA touch! (Zeta Potential) in the process, Process optimization with the CAS touch! (particle charge) and FPA touch! (zeta potential)
  • Videos:
    • Vorschaubild: , Videodatei: images/stories/infomaterial/09_CAS_touch/05_Produktvideos/10_Internet/cas-touch-1080.mp4
  • Zubehör inaktiv: Ja
  • verwandte Produkte: FPA touch! - Fiber Potential Analyzer, FPO - Fiber Potential Analyzer online
The new CAS touch! Charge Analyzing System combines proven methods of particle charge measurement  with  the  known great simplicity of handling and  functioning of the previous CAS versions, but enhanced with new features and an immense reduction in weight and size.
German device manufacturer emtec Electronic GmbH presents an inventive product line of specialized testing and measuring equipment at the renowned TAPPICon convention for pulp, paper and cardboard professionals from April 22-26, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia.   The demand for paper products remains significant even in the digital age, with the global pulp and paper industry expected to reach a value of roughly 373 billion U.S. dollars by 2029, according to market analyst Statista. Yet consumer preferences are also changing, with a greater focus on sustainable and socially responsible products. At...
Germany’s emtec Electronic GmbH will present its product line of automatic digital solutions for the pulp, paper, tissue and board industry at the Technical Association of the Paper Industry (ATIP) at La Grande Crypte in Paris, France on December 8-9. Given a global pandemic, an energy crisis, and rising environmental concerns, the push to digitalize the pulp and paper industry has never been stronger. Market trends show that demand for tissue products and paper packaging, especially, continues to increase globally. However, rising costs of raw materials and energy are leading many companies...
The 54th annual Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil from October 4-6, 2022 will focus on technological trends, governance and innovation in the context of promoting greater sustainability. emtec Electronic GmbH will present a selection of its paper measuring and testing devices that help reduce resource waste and optimize quality.  Leipzig, Germany, 04.09.2022 – Regarded as Latin America’s biggest event in the forest-based industry production chain, the ABTCP congress is expected to attract thousands of pulp and paper industry executives and professionals...
The largest convention for the pulp and paper industry in Central and South America, the International Congress and ExpoAcotepac 2023, will take place in Cali, Colombia from February 8-10, 2023. IDM Test will be onsite to present innovative testing devices for quality control and product optimization at the event, including the emtec Electronic product line.   Accurate data regarding the cationic demand and zeta potential of fibers in the wet end of papermaking leads to a smoother running process and higher product quality. With this end in mind, emtec Electronic GmbH developed the partner...
Paper engineers and papermaking professionals from three different trade associations will get together from October 21-22 for their 5th annual meeting in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Leipzig, Germany, 12.09.2022 – Innovation is the central theme of this year’s Symposium of Paper Engineers: Particularly innovation that allows paper manufacturers to stay competitive in an increasingly challenging market. Organized by the Vereinigte Papierfachverband München e. V. (VPM), the Akademische Papieringenieurverein Dresden e. V. (APV Dresden) and the Akademischer Papieringenieurverein Darmstadt e. V. (APV...
The 3rd international exhibition of machinery and equipment for pulp, paper and cardboard, SPAPER, will take place from March 7-9, 2023 in Zaragoza, Spain. emtec Electronic GmbH will be represented at the event by IDM Test. In the face of current economic and environmental challenges, paper manufacturers are increasingly looking for innovative technologies and equipment to streamline production processes and reduce waste. In March, the 3rd edition of the Feria de Zaragoza SPaper convention will bring together industry professionals from all over to present management solutions for the entire...
Germany’s emtec Electronic GmbH will present its product palette of specialized measuring and testing equipment, each designed to optimize product quality while saving time and resources, at the MIAC in Lucca, Italy from October 12-14, 2022.  Leipzig, Germany, 04.09.2022 – Whether a paper product is particularly tear-resistant, absorbent, water-proof or soft: Its properties are a result of intentional measures taken in the wet-end or during conversion. Knowing the right quantity of additives needed to achieve the desired effect saves resources and helps attain optimum product quality.  Technologies...
From April 25-27, 2023, at one of the most prominent conventions for the pulp, paper, tissue, and board industries in Europe, the IMPS International Munich Paper Symposium, testing device manufacturer emtec Electronic GmbH will present its innovative technology designed to optimize process runnability and product quality. Operating under the theme “Progress in board and paper technology,” the 31st annual IMPS will once again bring together industry professionals for three days of idea exchange, expert lectures, exhibitions, and professional networking.  During the Symposium, Leipzig-based...

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